Connecting with Bloggers for a Common Passion

Last year I wanted to get into blogging simply because I used to always write race recaps for other runner friends of mine, and enjoyed documenting the journey. Every race was different, had good and bad aspects to it, and I thought it would be useful for other runners. Also, since I was diagnosed with celiac disease and had to adopt a gluten-free lifestyle, I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate what I have learned in my various travels to different parts of the country, as well as give tips on training fuels and race day nutrition.  I knew there had to be other runners out there that were celiac or gluten-intolerant like me, and I wanted to help them in any way that I could; I felt a blog was a good way to start.

Lately I have been approached to write a guest blog or two for other bloggers that I have corresponded with on Twitter, and I wanted to share links to the posts on their site for you:

G-Free Laura is a gluten-free blogger that has been a great asset to the GF community, with food reviews, travel tips, recipes, and a variety of other topics. She definitely makes GF living appealing and fun! Recently she approached me and had some questions on training for a half marathon, and before I knew it, I was asked to write a guest post for her site, which was recently posted in a 2-parter! The links are below:

The Gluten-Free Runner: Marathon Training

The Gluten-Free Runner: Race Day

Susan Irby is a well-renowned West-Coast blogger that is ALL about clean and healthy living, and goes by the memorable and motivating handle The Bikini Chef.  She, with personal trainer Alison Dlugosz and a group of readers, will be participating in TWO half marathons next month (where two halves equal one marathon) and she asked if I could contribute a quest post on how to get started with running. I was thrilled to oblige, and the post can be seen here:

Running: Where Do You Start

It doesn’t end there! Kathy Nelson, host of the show GFree and Happy, approached Laura of G-Free Laura and asked how the two of us would like to be interviewed for her show in a live 30-minute Skype interview. It will be streaming LIVE this Monday April 15 at 10 PM EDT (7 PM PDT). She wants to discuss how we can connect in social media for the common good to spread GF love and help others, in this case it was all about running and GF Nutrition with Laura and I. It will also be archived on YouTube, iTunes and her website. Talk about an exciting and fun opportunity! I think I just might have to wear my Marathon Maniac singlet for the occasion!

If you have a chance to stay up late, feel free to tune in on Monday night to see Laura and I on camera together! I will post the subsequent link to the interview once it’s run live.

Who knows what further opportunities there may be? It’s definitely a wonderful thing to be able to network with other bloggers that have the same message and focus on spreading the word on good health! All I’ve ever wanted to do was take my passion for running and clean, gluten-free eating and help others along my journey. I think I just may have found my calling!


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