The Word “Unfair” is No Longer in my Dictionary

I know I have touched upon this issue before, but sometimes I think we could all use a little reminder: life sometimes can throw a series of roadblocks, it will not be fair, and we simply have to find ways to endure, cope and move on any way we can.

I have lately been going through severe ups and downs emotionally for the past couple weeks. A lot of self-induced pity-parties for things that are completely out of my control. Picking up my husband’s anti-nausea medication at CVS for his upcoming cancer treatment made me feels pangs of anger and sadness. Having to come to terms with the fact that my celiac disease will make it next to impossible to travel back to some of our favorite destinations in the future (Japan, for example, knows so little about gluten and celiac that I would more or less starve if we ever went back, and it was by far one of our favorite places we’ve ever visited). I hate that we both have health issues we have to deal with, will always have to deal with, and I hate that it restricts us from living normal lives some days.

But what IS normal these days?

I lamented to Chris that it just wasn’t fair that we never seemed to get a break. He simply looked at me, smiled, and said “Sweetie, you have to remove that word from your vocabulary. Life isn’t going to be fair, and there’s nothing we can do about it.” One of my closest friends, Stephanie, also said, quite wisely and simply “Life is only what you make of it. Make the best of life with what you have even if it seems hard at times.” Truer words have never been spoken from such insightful people.

Life is about perspective and realizing your small downfalls are nothing when you think about how others may have it. I read a lot, and lately have been reading about such sobering stories about things like genocide in third world countries, or the latest news stories about those who lost everything in Oklahoma. We tend to sometimes put the blinders on and be a little self-centered at times with our own little world and forget how much worse it could be.

As Louis C.K. puts it, we are a nation of complainers. We’re miserable with a GREAT LIFE.  Time to step back and count your blessings, because no matter how bad you think you have it, it’s always going to be worse in someone else’s shoes. And no matter how good you think someone else might have it, you don’t know what they could be secretly enduring, whether it’s financial, health, family problems or otherwise.

Take time to take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of being alive. Take a moment to look at the food you are about to eat and be gracious that you have healthy food to eat, clean water to drink, and a safe place to enjoy it. The smallest things in life can easily be taken for granted, and we really need to set the complaints and mini-meltdowns aside to take a breath and remember we are alive, this is the only life we have, and we HAVE to make the best of it!

I know I have a lot of inner cleansing to do, but I really want to encourage everyone to do the same. We all have our own burdens to bear, but we all have to do anything we can to appreciate the smallest things we can in life.

So “unfair” is not in my vocabulary. Life is a journey and we need to just do our best to enjoy the ride, even if there are some bumps in the road.


2 thoughts on “The Word “Unfair” is No Longer in my Dictionary

  1. Thanks Kristy! I promise I’m not discounting what we consider bad days or events in our lives, I think these things are valid and important reasons to feel frustrated…but we definitely have lots to be thankful for, and wonderful people in our lives who love and support us through the hard times. Here’s hoping your June is better!

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