Blog Changes Are A’ Comin’

So I decided that I want to make some changes to the way I am currently formatting my 50 state (and any additional races) race recaps. Bottom line, they are just way too long. There’s a lot of information that can be put into a single entry, especially when I want to talk about the race itself, the gluten-free aspect of travelling and how I fared in each state. I think it’s important to help give information without condensing anything and it’s best to break up the recaps into several entries.

The travel aspect itself will simply focus on how I fared at various airports and on the road to my destinations. Some may be more detailed than others, especially if I am dealing with flights and layovers, but others might be completely nondescript.

The locale aspect will focus on how I fared once I arrived at my destination. Was gluten-free eating a challenge? Were there many restaurant options to choose from or was I brown-bagging it for most of my stay? Sometimes it will be just one location, but in the case of some states, it may be several towns or cities. I think we will be staying in at least three different areas of Montana.

Pre- and post-race meals for each event. I think it will always vary depending on where I am, and it will be nice to see if any gluten-free options are available at the finish lines. Plus, post-race victory meals are always a big treat to myself, and it’s fun trying to find new places. I assure you it’s not always exciting, but other times it’s fun to find that occasional splurge beyond the norm.

The race itself. No other explanation needed. I plan on bringing a small camera to upcoming events that easily fit into my Nathan wattle bottle carrier. The best part is that the camera is waterproof, and it’s lighter than my iPhone (plus it’s pretty much bulletproof). I think it’s impossible to describe the beauty of some of these courses without visuals, so I will do my best to take pictures when I can. I’ll also rate the race in terms of expo, swag, course, course support, and finish line fare. I want these recaps to be useful guides if anyone is interested in running it some year.

It’s important for me to keep the blog going, even if I sometimes find the process tedious. I pretty much consider myself a D-list blogger, with as few bells and whistles as possible, and don’t plan on blinging it out too much.

I’m pretty much like Joanna in Office Space, and stick to the minimum pieces of flair when it comes to this blog.

I’m not even close to Pretty-Boy Brian.

But I want to make the entries more cohesive and useful to the reader, and I think this format will suit my needs, as well as the needs of the reader. I hope you feel the same!


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